it didn't have to be this way.

But somehow I knew it would be.

Having finished my first ultra (though admittedly as short an ultra as qualifies) back in October, I realized that I wanted to do more of them and at increased distances.  I also recognized that, having completed my first attempt in less than impressive fashion, I was going to need to incorporate more cross-training.

And by more I mean I needed to do SOME cross-training.

I've always been intrigued by triathlons and impressed by triathletes.  A major obstacle to my becoming such an athlete was the fact that I didn't and haven't ever owned a road bike.  An even bigger obstacle (and the real reason why I never owned a road bike) was the fact that I have just never been very interested in bicycles.  Obviously that was going to have to change if I was going to tackle a tri.

There was one more potential roadblock and that came in the form of my being both broke and cheap.

The kindness of my family came to my rescue, as it often has, in the form of a jointly purchased gift certificate to a local bike shop in my figurative Christmas stocking.

Weather and scheduling has continued to push out my visit to the shop and delayed the frank conversation I was going to need to have with my feet and running shoes about having to share my attention.  Lily is struggling with the sharing concept at the moment as her soon-to-be-one little sister is getting hands on Lil's toys, clothes, her "every things" on a much more consistent basis.  So, I've been getting a lot of practice at explaining the need for give and take, but as stubborn as Lil can be, I knew my feet were going to be a bigger challenge.

With a little luck, I'm going to be heading to the bike shop in a couple of hours and, cowardly, I still haven't spilled the beans.  My feet, though?  They know something's up.  There's a tension in the air that cannot be ignored.  Like it or not, my running shoes are sensing intrusion and are going to consider it "them" vs. "it". 

Here's hoping that logging some miles on the bike will improve my running performance and one day we can all look back together and laugh at our foolish early doubts.

My fingers are crossed.  And they're not saying a word to my toes.

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  1. You think your feet are pissed now? What about the swimming end of this 'tri'? That's the training I'm waiting to hear about....and please include the story of the time you almost drown in the Susquehanna.