where the hell have i been?

I just realized how long it's been since I've posted anything on here and, frankly, I'm embarrassed.  In my mind I'm constantly composing written sentences but most of those compositions slip away and are never heard from again. Words and ideas come and go and I suspect little is lost in their vanishing.  Every now and then, though, there are minor gems and looking back over the last several weeks, I'm disappointed to have allowed so much time to pass without any attempt at documentation.  Somewhere in all those ponderings there must have been something worth keeping.

So, having no words to draw upon, I'll turn to my camera for a look back at some of what's been keeping me so busy.  Don't expect a comprehensive retelling...if we were talking baseball, you'd be getting the Sportscenter recap not a full start to finish ala Ken Burns.  And for that, you're welcome.

Friends came over and played in the backyard.  Beer was consumed, the earth was scorched and cardboard boxes provided shelter from the wind if not the smoke.

The first ever Philadelphia Beard and Moustache Championships were held in, you guessed it, Philadelphia.  My beard morphed into a moustache that left the judges unimpressed.  The boys were undaunted, however, and let me anchor our group photo.  Old friends were embraced, new friends were established and good times rolled.  The next morning brought short-lived dehydration and a race home for kickball with other beloved friends.

The moustache got its wish and was allowed to run.  And it has kept on running ever since.  Thirty+ mile weeks have returned and my legs are feeling stronger each day.  Twofers are becoming routine and bike riding has been incorporated into the weekly routine.

April brings trout lilies and reminds me of the joys of new life, of children.

Piper Bea turned one on Easter Sunday.  She was oblivious but radiant nonetheless.  Lily, at 3, was in full egg-collecting mode and returned home with ample booty.

The Lancaster Skill Share Collective hosted a weekend of DIY and self-sufficiency workshops.  With Pipe nestled on my back, I attended a session on edible plant identification and damn near ate every square growing inch of Lancaster County Park.

The Lancaster County Bart und Schnauzer Friendship Society pub night delivered on the promised camaraderie and shared laughter.  A Steely Dan album was sacrificed in the pursuit of fun.

Lily's face says it all...running together rules.

Spring, my friends, has sprung.


  1. I am glad you sacrificed a Steely Dan album, I never liked them. (Hey 19...?) WTF is that.
    Love those pants in the Philadelphia pic. Looking forward to seeing you and yours sunday at Positive Fitness for Ollie's bday party.

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