week two.

This was definitely a week of ups and downs, days without any running, days with multiple runs (love those twofers) and, thankfully, a couple of long runs (per the clock, if not the mileage) late in the week.  We got some snow in the middle of the week which made roadwork sketchy at best, especially when trying to sneak in runs after the sun had set.  It also made trail work taxing but extremely rewarding (translation: fun. really, really fun).  The overall pace was laughable this week but it doesn't matter.  Breaking trail, fighting headwinds and bearing fatigue slowed me down but didn't put a dent in my spirits or my satisfaction in getting out and moving, moving, moving.

Here's the week that was:

Tuesday, January 11 - mid-workday road loop.

Tuesday, January 11 - post-work loop starting in Manheim Square and including some snowy hill repeats.
Wednesday, January 12 - mid-workday loop in snow and unexpectedly punishing headwinds.

Wednesday, January 12 - ill-advised PM run in deteriorating conditions - glad just to get home NOT run over.

Saturday, January 15 -an overdue trail run on the 3 Peaks route of (and around) the Horseshoe Trail.

Sunday, January 16 - return to the Horseshoe, this time between Middle Creek and Segloch Road (and back).

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