week seven.

As much as I've enjoyed logging my recent runs, I'm disappointed that I haven't managed more non-log bulletins.  I'm in no position to change that tonight, but here at least is a photo that doesn't consist of a pair of my running shoes and a GPS readout:

I snapped it of Jefferson on Sunday morning as he neared the top of the climb back up from Camp Mack just off of the Horseshoe Trail near Brickerville (I didn't do him or the climb any justice with that camera tilt). He's been battling some knee issues and showing patience I wish I possessed in rehabbing with discipline instead of charging ahead prematurely and ending up on the shelf entirely.

We went a bit further together on Sunday morning than we had for a while.  It was good to have company and be in the woods.  A lot of my recent miles have been roadwork which takes good advantage of my available time but lacks the joy of any time spent on the trail.  Needless to say, getting in two nice trail runs over the weekend was a blessing.

Week seven consisted of a lot of individual runs, but many of these were short on mileage and time required.  Still, the miles added up and I am pleased to have goteen out with enough frequency to make up (somewhat) for the lack of long runs.

Here's the full rundown:

Monday, February 14 - AM Run to work - good pace after 10+ trail miles the day prior.

Monday, February 14 - PM Run home from work - pace dropped off considerably from morning.
Tuesday, February 15 - Short AM run to work after dropping the van off for inspection.

Tuesday, February 15 - Another PM run home from work (van still at the shop).

Wednesday, February 16 - AM run to pick up the disappointment of a van.

Thursday, February 17 - Finally a chance to settle in for a few miles on a meandering run home from work.

Friday, February 18 - Back to work to finish the work week.

Saturday, February 19 - Pre-dawn run up the Horseshoe Trail to Eagle Rock, down to Camp Mack and back through State Game Lands - wicked winds (60 mph gusts!) had littered the trail with limbs and branches.
Sunday, February 20 - Backwards loop of the day before plus additional short loop - legs feel strong.

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