week six.

My fingers are crossed that this week was the start of a positive trend.

I was able to log a run or more every day of the week save one.  I was pain-free and didn't even experience any of the stiffness I often do on back-to-back days (especially mornings after evening runs).  I felt strong over sustained distances and quick-footed on shorter runs.

I'd still like to inch up my mileage a bit by getting in longer runs and with greater frequency.  With daylight showing its slow, subtle growth towards Spring and with temperatures hopefully beginning to creep upwards, I expect that early morning runs will become easier (and safer) to accomplish.

In the meantime, here are the stats:

Monday, February 7 - Run to work at decent pace - Felt good despite two hard-running days beforehand.

Monday, February 7 - PM Run home - Slight fatigue but no pain.

Wednesday, February 9 - Set the alarm for 5:30 but sat bolt upright before 5:00, ready to run - Pleased to run steady 8:05 pace throughout cold, windy loop in farmlands west of Manheim.
Thursday, February 10 - In contrast to day prior, I decided to really push th pace for the first time this year - Stoked to manage a sub-7:00 pace on the run home from work.

Friday, February 11 - Decided to push again and ran 6:34 pace from home to work - Been awhile since I've covered 3 miles in under 20 minutes.

Saturday, February 12 - Purposely ran slow/controlled after the preceding days but felt strong throughout.

Sunday, February 13 - Slow, steady early morning run on the Horseshoe Trail in packed ice and snow - Included a new variation that added some extra climbing - Fun run.

Sunday, February 13 - Returned to the Horseshoe Trail a few hours later to search for the car key I'd managed to lose on the morning run - Found it perched in the snow about 2.5 miles in and felt good enough to keep going - More heavy footing but the legs felt great (especially after finding the key).

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  1. Wow - dude I can really relate to you. Runner, parent, husband and employee - that's life in a nutshell. Sometimes good at all, sometimes good at none and usually good at one or two of the four (unfortunately).

    I was searching for others who run to work and your site came up. Given all the runners in this world I'm surprised not to find more information. I've put in some miles too and from work this winter, since I stashed my bike away for the winter. Any tricks you've picked up for running to and from work?