i think i can, i think i can, i think....

Been thinking about the mind (thinking about thinking?) a lot as of late, especially on long, solitary runs.  I am not the inspirational poster kind of guy, but have found myself looking for a phrase or an image to turn to in moments of fatigue or doubt.

There are numerous times during any given run that I find my brain urging me to "get your hands down" or "pick up your feet" but these are just reminders like dashboard displays not true mantras.

The phrase that came to me several weeks back and that has leaped to mind now on several occasions is "make it to the top of the hill on the other side of this hill".  It's a bit long and not catchy enough to make it onto anybody's T-shirt, but it's proven handy in tamping down wants to stop. 

Anyone who does a lot of hills knows that there's no motivation necessary to charge down from a summit well earned.  If anything, that's the reward for the preceding long, slow upward trudge.  By the time I make it to the top of that next hill, I have no doubt that my legs'll keep going from there.

And, of course, that hill is going to have a "next hill" of its own which, hopefully, is the beauty of this particular motivator.

"Cut the crap and just keep going" you say and, for the most part, I agree.  After all, a crutch is a crutch is a crutch, right?

Regardless, for the time being this is my mantra of choice and if and when it ceases to doing the trick, I'll let it go.  Should "cut the crap and just keep going" end up doing a better job of picking me up when I'm ready to stop and walk, I won't hesitate to make the switch.

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