memorial day musings.

Memorial Day weekend allowed me to string together a couple of consecutive days of trail running and the weather couldn't have been more cooperative.  The sun shined and shined.

And shined.

I finally managed to explore the northern end of the Conestoga Trail and am looking forward to piecing together the entire 60+ miles and, in the process, identifying which of those miles don't need revisiting (lots of road crossings, I'm afraid).  The handful of miles between the initial trailhead and Speedwell Lake aren't nearly as technical as those to be found at the southern end of the trail but they are lush, lovely and apparently woefully untraveled.

I stumbled on a Superman tag in a turnpike underpass.  So dumb.  Of course, I couldn't avoid sneaking into the picture.

Pssst...Will Oldham called.  He wants his moustache back.

I got home to find the girls posted up behind one of the kitchen screens, serenading the birds who were serenading them back from the feeders along our driveway.  I love it.

I woke early the next morning to meet Jefferson, Josh and John on the Horseshoe Trail and hoped I would still be considered part of the gang despite my incompatible first initial.  Thankfully, they didn't seem to notice or agreed not to hold it against me.  Arriving a little bit before they did, I strolled over to read the contents of the State Game Lands bulletin board.

Is it a Pennsylvania thing to find such hunting-centric language and empty shotgun shells littering the ground below?

The humidity was stifling and served as a proper reminder that summer was lurking.  It made running that much more challenging but sure did make the early morning woods look incredibly beautiful.

I was going to write more but, damn, that trail looks inviting.  Doesn't it?

I gotta run.

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