week 21 plus 2.

Didn't I just type the phrase "May is here"?

I did, but it turns out it isn't.   Not any longer.

June came on fast and August-ish heat and humidity are already in full effect. Wish my legs (and lungs) were keeping pace, but they're going to need a few more weeks of exposure to summerlike conditions.

No complaints, however.  I've been running just about every day for the last several weeks and even though the runs themselves aren't long in duration, their mere existence is joy.


Tuesday, May 24 - Mid-day White Oak and Penryn roads loop.

Wednesday, May 25 - Pulled out a pair of old but beloved New Balance for a fairly fast-paced 4 trail miles at Speedwell County Park.

Thursday, May 26 - After work run up Power, Sun Hill and Junction Roads - started strong but absolutely wilted as the mercury flirted with 90 and the humidity soared.

Friday, May 27 - Good solid pre-work effort - ran in Pearl Izumi and didn't realize until seconds before my Saturday run that I'd forgotten to document it - hence the appearance of my legs and the Montrail stand-ins.

Saturday, May 28 - Bushwhacking on the northernmost section of the Conestoga Trail between Pumping Station and the southern side of the bridge across Speedwell Lake.

Sunday, May 29 - Horseshoe Trail and Mole Hill - muggy, muddy and awesome!

Monday, May 30 - Got a jump start on Memorial Day with Jefferson on the Oak Loop at Speedwell Forge County Park.

Tuesday, May 31 - Repeated the Power, Sun Hill and Junction Road run home of a few days earlier and didn't handle the heat/humidity much better this time around - Gotta keep working.

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