I'm not sure I've learned a single thing about performance over the years.

With yesterday's debacle all too fresh in my mind (and apparent in the ache of my feet), it's certainly hard to believe that I have.  I do know, however, that post-race recovery is of utmost importance...for the head as much as the body.

Which is why I just had a hearty recovery breakfast at Lil's diner.

As soon as I walked through the door, I inhaled the sweet smell of a good old fashioned kitchen hard at work.  I wasn't going anywhere near that pork chop, or whatever it was, but at least it smelled welcoming.

First things first, I needed a good stiff cup of coffee and a look around the room revealed that I wasn't the only one feeling that same need.

Once the caffeine kicked in, I was ready to see a menu.  After looking over the offerings (which seemed strangely to consist solely of page after page of green eggs and ham), I decided to see if I could order "off" of the menu.

A glimpse into the kitchen had me hungry for fries.

The waitress took my order...

...and soon returned with appetizers.

While I waited for the main course, I checked out the jukebox.

The veggie burger, tofu dog and fries (hidden beneath Lily's signature flower petal garnish) sure hit the spot even if they were accompanied by a long, black hair.  Allowing that there was some minor chance it belonged to me, I decided not to bring it to the attention of the waitress.

I passed along compliments to the chef who emerged from the kitchen to acknowledge my thanks and pose for the camera.

I'm still not quite sure what I paid for the meal, but by the time I settled the bill, I was feeling much improved and am positive it was worth every penny.


  1. Love it! Its amazing what children can do for the sole. And the mind. And the heart. And evidently the belly!