humble (pizza) pie.

I ran with friends this morning at Pumping Station, getting my first helping of humility long before the sun came up as unexpected heat and humidity (it is October, isn't it?!?) had me feeling like I was trying to run uphill underwater. 

I guess in some sense I was, as it rained the entire time we were running and a good bit of that time we were climbing.  When we did finally make it to downhill, the rain had turned the track to a muddy, crumbly mess and ultimately led to me trudging along gingerly rather than actually running in an attempt to steer clear of any undue harm to my aw-poor-little-baby arches ahead of next week's Oil Creek 100.

It really was a good workout and a fun time out with friends, but I ended up feeling a bit deflated by my performance.


But, I perked up a bit when I popped into a local pizzeria to pick up some lunch and the friendly Sicilian owner wagged his finger at me playfully and said, "YOU!  I saw you...I saw you in the newspaper."

A short piece about my TransRockies experience had run in a small neighborhood publication and I was admittedly tickled that he had seen it.

He was grinning from ear to ear and I couldn't help but do the same.

"So, did you do it?" he asked.  "You did it?  You're going to do it?"

"I already did it.  It was great."

"Ah-hah!  So you DID it!"


Still grinning and nodding his head, the man fell silent.

After a moment, he began again.  "So.  Uh.  What did you do?  I, um, I didn't read it."

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