February is quickly drawing to a close and my running log is woefully empty for the month.  Back-to-back blizzards, sick kids and a busy schedule have wreaked havoc on my regular running schedule.  I don't want to suggest that we live in the middle of nowhere (I wish), but we live rurally enough that the accumulation of 30+ inches of snow means that after the plows have gone there are four to five high walls banked smack up against the roadside, leaving a runner nowhere to hide.

Of course, there's never any shortage of excuses and the reality is that I didn't find a way to get it done these last few weeks.  Between shoveling and snowshoeing, I just barely managed to maintain some level of fitness, though each day I could feel the creep of atrophy.

Today, however, I managed to sneak in a rare twofer, running to work in the morning and then, after being informed by the garage that our minivan was going to have to remain another night, running to my mother's home to beg a ride home for me and my children.

It only ended up amounting to 6 miles total and the elevation gain was fairly tame, but it felt fantastic.  Managing to run not once but twice was truly liberating and, with even more bad weather threatening to wipe out the next couple of days, it seemed important that it happen.

I love me a twofer.

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  1. Dude I almost ran the other day...It was almost awesome. 'Need to start training here, soon...or I'm gonna look like an ass 'come that marathon.
    I can make excuses all day, starting with I need some shoes...but you've seen me perform in slippers, so that excuse isn't going to work on you...I'll stop talking about it and just let you know when my training begins...ok?