week one.

An innocent facebook status post (written about my last run of 2010) made me think that maybe I should make some effort to document my 2011 running efforts.  I've tried keeping running logs in the past but usually lost interest or tried to accomplish too much with them, noting all kinds of specific details I thought would help me improve my running but ended up just being noise.  This time around I'm going to try and keep things simple and, hopefully, remain interested while doing so.

Rather than charting performance or maintaining multi-columned spreadsheets, I'm just going to take a pic of the shoes I ran in, the face of my Garmin, the headlamp I was wearing during the run (if needed) and add a brief comment.  If I learn anything, great.  If I don't, at least it'll be interesting to see what shoes I turned to most often and be able to tally up the mileage.  So, here's week one of 2011 (plus the free-floating Saturday and Sunday to start the year that preceded the first full calendar week):

Saturday, January 1 - mid-day loop from home that included Power Road.

Sunday, January 2 - pre-dawn out-and-back on the Horseshoe starting at Colebrook Road and heading NW.

Tuesday, January 4 - pre-dawn start out-and-back on roads and the local rail-to-trail.

Tuesday, January 4 - post-work run home.

Thursday, January 6 - pre-dawn start round-about run to work to retrieve a vehicle and come back home.

Friday, January 7 - post-work Power Road hill repeats.

Saturday, January 8 - Horseshoe Trail off of 322, west of Brickerville.
This is a decent bit of mileage for me in the cold and darkness of January and a good continuation of where I was in December.  I hope to keep it up in the coming weeks and start building mileage late this month or early February to increase endurance ahead of Spring events.

My body feels good and all of my chilly fingers and toes are crossed.

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  1. what a great way to visually document your running adventures!