week three (a/k/a a weak week).

I managed three decent (though short) workouts early in the week, but my GPS conking-out just before the very end of the last of these may have been foreshadowing that the remaining days would get away from me.

Bad weather, a towering task list at work, the arrival of a headcold, a death in the family and poor nights of sleep as a result combined to convince my legs (and my mind) that they were tired. 

Somewhere during the week I read an interesting article addressing overreaching vs. overtraining.  In an attempt to remain positive, I can at least reflect on the week knowing that if I'd been guilty of either (my pace did seem to be dragging as of late), the last few days should've been some relief.

Hopefully the week ahead will look very different than the one just passed.

Monday, January 17 - Cold run home from work - pace suffered from wind and the efforts of the weekend.

Tuesday, January 18 - Ran well where/when I was able, but ice and traffic-dodging made for a slow trip.

Wednesday, January 19 - Ran further than the Garmin attests - battery bonked somewhere in the last mile.

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  1. all things in life come in balance- to have great effort and distance days, there will be days of less speed and miles- happy trails my bearded friend!