week eight.

Judged solely on the basis of frequency of workouts and number of miles logged, week 8 was a miserable failure.  After several solid weeks on the road and the trail, my forward momentum ran smack into the face of my youngest daughter's bout with what appears to have been H1N1.

After a strong run on Monday evening, the rest of the week got away from me as I spent sleepless nights taking Piper's temperature and cradling her back to sleep after another coughing fit had shaken her slumber.  Hours previously devoted to sneaking in early morning runs were spent on desperately needed sleep and after work I hurried straight home to relieve Lindsay from the day shift and/or taxi Piper to another doctor's visit.

In its way, thankfully, the week provided important perspective and made me that much more appreciative of my health and those moments I am blessed to spend on recreation and exercise.

Piper is back to full strength and, despite the week's running shortfalls, I still managed to carve out another 100 mile month (and a few really enjoyable runs) with extended daylight and warmer weather on the horizon.

Here's the stats:

Monday, February 21 - Brisk out-and-back on Power Road, Sun Hill Road and Park Hill Roads (emphasis on hills) in blowing snow.  Really good run. 

Wednesday, February 23 - Midday loop - could barely spare the time during the workday but desperately needed the run.

Saturday, February 26 - Afternoon run on the local rail to trail - faster than I'd intended the day before the Ugly Mudder, but needed to relieve some pent up energy and the legs felt good.

Sunday, February 27 - Pretzel City Sports's Ugly Mudder - bliss.

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