weeks 12-14.

My last post looked back at my last few weeks but didn't provide any of my usual visual evidence.  Lest you think I ceased my documentation project, here are photos to prove otherwise.

Before I get to the post-run shoes and GPS screens, here a couple of random images, starting with one from the weekend just prior to discovering my Achilles issues.  With any luck, it was also the last frost-inducing weather we'll see until October.

While my running has fallen a bit short of expectations, life at home has been great.  Piper turned 2 on the 4th of April and Lil's 4th birthday happens next weekend.  We've been plotting mischief together to celebrate.

More on that some other day.  For now, here's the weeks that were:

Tuesday, March 22 - Post-work run on Power, Sun Hill and Park Hill Roads 

Wednesday, March 23 - Pre-work run on the Horseshoe Trail
Saturday, March 26 - Pumping Station and Horseshoe Trail
Sunday, March 27 - Eagle Rock and Mole Hill - felt great but may have been the straw that broke this camel's Achilles.

Sunday, April 4 - This run was a test to see if I was imagining my injury.  I wasn't.

Tuesday, April 5 - Pre-dawn run with Chris on the Horseshoe and Light Trails - ran tentatively but the heel felt "ok"

Thursday, April 7 - Horseshoe/Light Trails and State Game logging roads - ran harder and feeling good

Saturday, April 9 - Matthew Paul Arment's first 5 trail miles - not too shabby

Sunday, April 10 - Mole Hill repeats - concentrated on transitioning between running and power hiking - gave trekking poles a try to see if they make sense for next weekend's Hyner Challenge - the jury is out.

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