week 20

I don't want to pass too much judgment on the last week.  Just report it and move on to the next.  Weather and family obligations laid waste to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but I got a great road run in on Thursday and too pretty satisfying trail runs over the weekend.

I'm going to have to climb the learning curve quickly if Laurel Highlands is going to be anything more than another humbling day in the woods.

Bright side?  Who couldn't use another dose of humility?

Thursday, May 19 - Quick (at least at my current fitness) mid-day run...really stoked on consistent splits.

Saturday, May 21 - Three loops at Speedwell Forge County Park...rediscovered the smooth, undulating singletrack - forgot to restart the GPS on the second loop so probably shorted myself 1.2 miles on the log.

Sunday, May 22 - Running Pump and State Game Lands with Jefferson - legs held up but I definitely could feel the effort of the day before - early season heat is proving more challenging than it should.

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