This was going to be the month.

July had seen a slight uptick on mileage and August was going to be the month that I finally pushed things up a notch.  Only it didn't happen.

Some really solid running took place and there were many memorable on-trail moments, but I went in the wrong direction in terms of miles.  I did a couple of mid-distance races, the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase, of which I've already written, and the seemingly underappreciated On the Rocks 16-Miler at Rocky Ridge Park in York, PA.  I was reasonably pleased with both efforts (I finished 9th at On the Rocks), but admittedly felt some fatigue in the days after and struggled to cover additional miles.

No matter.

A couple days of tired legs are no big deal and other than keeping track of them for curiosity's sake, the number of miles really don't matter much to me.  I do, however, need to remind myself of that now and again.

And so August wasn't THE month, but it sure was A month of running and one that I'm looking back on fondly as I sift through the photo evidence below:

Wednesday, August 10 - AM - First run after Jupiter Peak Steeplechase included a good bit of climbing at Pumping Station and on the Horseshoe Trail - legs feeling good.

Wednesday, August 10 - PM - Back end of my twofer, a run home from work.

Thursday, August 11 - Run to work - felt fatigued but held pretty solid pace.

Sunday, August 14 - Morning run at Pumping Station/Horseshoe.

Wednesday, August 17 - Morning loop run on Horseshoe Trail starting on southern side of 322, crossing over to Eagle Rock overlook and back on the conservancy trail - may have been the last go for these MT 101s.

Saturday, August 20 - On the Rocks 16-miler at Rocky Ridge park.

Sunday, August 21 - Colebrook Road to R2T to Junction Road loop - good effort the day after On the Rocks.

Wednesday, August 24 - Horseshoe Trail out-and-back with Jefferson starting at Segloch Road and heading toward Middle Creek.

Thursday, August 25 - Midday run on Penryn and White Oak roads.

Friday, August 26 - Nighttime loop on Colebrook, R2T and Junction roads returning on Sun Hill - UTMB excitement and the pending arrival of Hurricane Irene had me feeling cabin fever.

Saturday, April 27 - Post-UTMB and early stages of Irene on Colebrook, Hossler, Power and Sun Hill roads.

Sunday, August 28 - Post-Irene afternoon/evening run at Pumping Station and on the Horseshoe Trail.

Monday, August 29 - Midday run on White Oak and Penryn roads.

Wednesday, August 31 - Pre-dawn run at Pumping Station and Horseshoe Trail - planting seed of hope for a sub-2 hour effort at the Conestoga Trail Run in a few weeks.  Fingers are crossed.

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