week four.

When I last did a weekly update, I'd hoped that the week ahead improved upon the week before.  When the sun rose on Friday morning, I still hadn't managed a single run in over a week's time.  Not good.

The upside was that I was certain that my cold/flu/whatever was fading into past tense and I was sure to get some mileage in after work.  I didn't appear to have given too much fitness away during my time off and so decided to sneak in as much running as possible over the weekend between time with the family and plenty of take-home work.

At mid-month I'd been on pace for a 120+ mile month and had logged three different double-digit distance runs.  By my standards, those were shaping up to be solid January numbers.  But, as aforementioned, I ended up on the shelf for more than a week and didn't run further than just over 8 miles at a single shot the rest of the month.

Still, I'm pleased with the momentum of the last few days and it was cool to crack 100 miles in a month that I've often struggled to stay focused or manuever around short days and winter weather to run effectively.

As to last week (including Monday of this week), here's the evidence:

Friday, January 28 - Long overdue afterwork run - Doe Run/Elm/Fairview/Meadow/Penryn road loop.
Saturday, January 29 - Solid afternoon run out Colebrook/Breneman/Back Run/Esbenshade/Fairview.
Sunday, January 30 - Met friends for pre-dawn run up to Eagle Rock on the Horsehoe Trail and the lower loop off of Pumping Station Road - check out the tortoise-like pace from post-holing in the snow!
Sunday, January 30 - Mid-day run at local R2T - glad to have Microspikes (pictured) on packed ice.
Monday, January 31 - Run to work to start the new week.
Monday, January 31 - Ran home through town and up Power Road.

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