goodbye to july.

I won't miss the heat of July.  Not a bit.

Luckily, it didn't keep me inside and while it upped the difficulty factor on my running, it didn't actually keep me from logging miles.  It would've been nice to have run even more but it already felt like there were too few moments to spend with Lindsay and the girls.  Getting the majority of my running in while the rest of my house slept did the double duty of saving me from the worst of the heat and not keeping me from my family.

Work didn't require any extended travel during the last 30 days and with the exception of a 5-mile race on the 4th of July and my informal birthday 60K, my running didn't consist of any organized events.  That was fine by me. It was just good clean running for the sake of running.  And it was great.

Here are the photos:

Saturday, July 10 - Early evening loop on  Mt Joy, Power and Sun Hill roads

Monday, July 11 - Run home from work

Tuesday, July 12 - Run to work

Wednesday, July 13 - Horseshoe Trail and power line trail at Pumping Station

Thursday, July 14 - Lunch break run on the Penryn and White Oak roads loop

Thursday, July 14 - Second leg of surprise twofer - After work loop on Mt Joy, Hossler and Colebrook roads

Saturday, July 16 - Horseshoe Trail out-and-back across 501 to ugly clear-cut reroute below Middle Creek

Sunday, July 17 - Pumping Station and Horseshoe Trail - picked up an odd blister high on my heel

Wednesday, July 20 - Pumping Station and State Game Lands

Thurday, July 21 - Run home from work - so ungodly hot, I jumped right into a freezing cold shower and it wasn't until I got out that I realized the stopwatch was still running (must have hit the stop/start twice).

Friday, July 22 - Run to work on Mt Joy Road

Sunday, July 24 - 37th birthday 60K - Clarks Valley on the AT to Horseshoe Trail through Campbelltown

Wednesday, July 27 - Pumping Station and Horseshoe Trail

Friday, July 29 - Mid-day sprint on Penryn and White Oak roads

Sunday, July 31 - Horseshoe Trail, Mole Hill (first ever sustained run-up!) and State Game Lands

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